What I am

I am a geomatics engineer by profession. I am a self taught web developer, mobile app developer and python programmer. Beside all these I have experience in designing, machine learning and many more.

GIS Developer

I have a deep knowledge of gis, remote seninsg and its web develpment

Web Developer

I have experience in frontend as well as backend web development.

Mobile App Developer

I develop android application with flutter and java for android platform.

Python Programmer

I have a good understanding of python along with its different libraries..

My Skills and knowledge


I have been using flutter for android app develpment for more than 2 years and have developed many useful apps.

Django and Flask

I have experience with python framework django and flask for website and restful api development.

GIS and Remote Sensing

As a geomatics engineer, I have good knowledge of gis and remote sensing.


I have been using react for web app and website develpment for more than 2 years.


I have develped some useful desktop softwares using electron.js.

Machine Learning

I have good knowledge of machine learning, deep learning and related technologies.

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